Promoting Peace Through Sports and Recreation Events - Football, Cricket, and Badminton Tournaments and Poetry and Speech Competition


Duration: June 6 to November 7, 2017

Working Area: District Peshawar

Beneficiaries: 368 players (184 males and 184 female) from 16 schools and colleges and 150 children from schools

Budget: 4,783,338 (PKR)

Project Objectives: 

To establish a just and peaceful society through arranging sports events and declamation contests for the youth of Peshawar District.

Key Activities:

 • Coordination with sports and education departments
• Coordination and identification schools and participants for Poetry and debate competitions
• Identification and selection of venues for the events
• Identification and selection of schools and colleges for sports completions
• Procurement of the sports items and vendors for catering services
• Implementation of the events and prizes distribution