Rapid Data for rapid actions in Pakistan through Local Health Task Force (LHTF)

Donor: ACTED Pakistan

Duration: November 6 to December 6, 2020

Working Area: Districts Swat, Upper & Lower Dir, Bannu, Kohat, Hangu, Nowshera and Merged Districts Orakzai & Bajaur, KP

Beneficiaries: COVID-19 affected communities of the districts

Budget: 296,429 (PKR)


Project Objectives:

 • Precautionary measures, SOPs and Raising Awareness about COVID-19 in general masses.
• To enable rapid and effective decision-making by establishing a Local Health Task Force (LHTF) in the target areas that utilizes rapid data collection and analysis to identify health priorities, respond to emerging health challenges and implement timely and targeted interventions,
• To strengthen the health system’s capacity to gather, analyze, and utilize real-time data for evidence-based decision-making, leading to improved health outcomes, resource allocation, and emergency response in in the target areas.

Key Activities: 

• Establishing the Local Health Task Force (LHTF)
• Rapid data collection and analysis
• Identifying health priorities and challenges
• Timely and targeted interventions based on the identified health priorities
• Strengthening data utilization and capacity building