Rehabilitation of three (3) Health Units in Orakzai Agency for better services to communities


Duration: March to May 15, 2018

Working Area: Orakzai Agency – Dabori, Khoga Seri, and Star Khada

Beneficiaries: Communities and health department staff of the areas.
Budget: 5,653,229 (PKR)

Project Objectives

Restoration of health services – Rehabilitation of Health Units to support to communities in Orakzai Agency

Key Activities: 

• Activity: Procurement Policy/ procedure of RF: 

After technical and feasibility assessment of the three targeted health units, HEADS management hired the contractor, after taking proper approval from RF-USAID/OFDA. BOQs were also finalized by following proper procurement procedure of the RF. As it was not possible to hire local labor due to non-availability of the skilled persons in Orakzai Agency, Contractor hired the labor from Peshawar and deputed them for the minor repair work in the said health facilities.

• Activity: Minor Repair Work in the Three Health Facilities:


 After completion of the hiring process of contractor and labor, proper repair work started in the three health facilities. But as the three health facilities are located at far flung distance from each other and in opposite direction, so Project team planned to take start of work from one health facility and then one by one completed the whole minor repair work. As per agreement, following repair work was done in the said health facilities;

1. Civil Work includes dismantling of damage plasters, floors, bricks, plastering of walls, flooring, bricks work, roof treatment, repair of doors and windows, providing and fixing of doors and windows glasses, white washing and painting etc.
2. Sanitary works includes providing and fixing various types of glazed earthen ware, P trap, Plastic soap dish and Polyethylene Water Tank 500 gallons (Vertical) including all accessions etc.3. Electrification Installation includes wiring of light/fan/call-bell point in 3/0.029 PVC, supply and erection of copper conductor, voltage grade cable, conduit pipe, auto circuit breakers, installation of wiring from distribution board to switch boards and also installation of total 06 ceiling fans etc.


• Activity: Procurement of Medical Equipment/Fixtures: 

Proper procurement guidelines were followed by HEADS for all kinds of procurement; they made all the process transparent and involved different vendors to increase competitiveness as well as for purchasing best quality goods in reasonable and suitable rates. RF team was in a close loop for all types of procurement. Full-fledged and high-quality medical equipment and furniture for all three health facilities, including all the necessary items required in the health facilities as well as furniture.