ACCESS TO CLEAN ENERGY PROJECT (ACEP) - Construction of Mini / Micro Hydropower Projects

Donor: JV with Telcon Engineering PVT LTD

Duration: May 17, 2022 to Feb 2026

Working Area: District Charsadda, Mardan, Bunir, Swat and Haripur of KPK

Beneficiaries: Selected population of the Districts

Budget: 40,534,559 (PKR)


Project Objectives: 

• To ensure active participation and involvement of the local community in the planning, construction, and operation of the of Mini/Micro Hydropower Plants Projects (MMHPPs) under Access to Clean Energy Program (ACEP).
• To enhance the skills of the local community, particularly women and marginalized groups on entrepreneurship development and capacity-building initiatives to empower women and enhance their employability in the project.
• To promote socio-economic well-being and empowerment of women within the local community by providing microcredit facilities, supporting income-generating activities, promoting women-led cooperatives, and facilitating access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and clean energy.
• To integrate gender mainstreaming principles and practices into all aspects of the MMHPP project, from the initial design phase to the operational stage.

Key Activities: 

• Formation of Community Organizations (COs)
• Capacity Building of COs
• Site selection for community schemes
• Environmental assessment of the schemes
• Physical construction of community schemes
• Provision of vocational trainings
• Enterprise development
• Repair and maintenance of the schemes