About us

About us

Health Education and Development Society (HEADS) is a Nonpolitical, Non-Profitable and Non-Governmental Organization. HEADS is based In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and established in 2013. It is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, to provide a peaceful environment where everyone can utilize their potentials for sustainable development. 



  • To protect the dignity of the destitute, poor and oppressed, and join hands with them in their struggle for basic rights.
  • To protect the dignity of the destitute, poor and oppressed, and join hands with them in their struggle for basic rights.
  • To network and collaborate with the govt. departments, NGO’s, CBO’s, WOs and inter-national agencies for sustainable development.
  • To support initiatives for sustainable community based, gender sensitive development with particular focus on; Human and Institutional Development, Natural Resource Management, drinking water supply, environmental sanitation, education, agriculture, health & nutrition, disaster management, and micro credit & enterprise. 

Message of Hope and Inspiration


I am honored to be leading Health Education and Development Society (HEADS) as we strive towards our vision of equality for everyone. We at HEADS firmly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to fulfil their potential for sustainable development. Our mission is to provide a peaceful environment where human beings can thrive.

Through our work in supporting replicable models for sustainable human resource development and collaborating with government/non-government departments, national & international organizations and UN agencies, we have made significant strides in empowering the destitute, poor, and oppressed. We have also made significant progress in advancing sustainable community-based development initiatives in areas such as education, agriculture, health & nutrition, WASH, Protection, livelihood and disaster management.

I am inspired every day by the tireless work of our staff, volunteers, and partners who share our vision and commitment to creating a more equal and just society. Together, we will continue to work towards our goal of achieving sustainable development for all.


Raza Ullah Jan.


Health Education and Development Society (HEADS). 

Message of Commitment and Accountability

Dear Supporters and Stakeholders,

As the CEO of Health Education and Development Society (HEADS), I am committed to ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We understand the responsibility that comes with managing the resources entrusted to us, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We have established a strong monitoring and evaluation department that provides us with timely and relevant information for quick and remedial actions. We also have a decentralized four-tier management structure that ensures that we have the proper controls in place to prevent the misuse of funds.

We are proud of our work in promoting participatory development at the grassroots level and building self-sustaining, development-oriented institutions. We are committed to continuing our work in collaboration with government departments, NGOs, and international agencies.

We will continue to provide regular updates on our progress and ensure that our stakeholders are informed of our activities and the impact that we are making.


Samina Khanam,

Executive Director,


Health Education and Development Society (HEADS)



HEADS has a decentralized four-tier management structure which includes:

    A seven members Board of Directors (BoD) is officially governed the organization and BoD is legally a policy and decision-making body. The Board meets twice a year, appraises the development and evaluates the organization’s advancement. The BoD is led by a Chairperson.
    HEADS has an organization management team comprise of sector specialists lead by an Executive Director (ED).  HEADS with a decentralized structure manages its operations through a 4 tier management structure. The management structure includes Board of Directors, Management Committee and Operational Core/Project Team
    All the core sections i.e. Administration, Finance, Human Resource, procurement and logistics are headed by Director Operations and assure the implementation of the project interventions as per the policies under the supervision of ED.  The overall project/field management is led by the Program Manager and implementation by Field Mangers/ Coordinators under the supervision of Director Programs who is further responsible to the ED.
    HEADS, as a development agent, aims at promoting the principles of participatory development at grass root level. HEADS adheres to the philosophy that no development program and strategy can fully achieve its goal without a meaningful and democratic participation of the all stakeholders. This “Participation of people” can only be achieved through broad based, self-sustaining and development oriented institutions at the grass root level.

HEADs has established an independent Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Department. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of various projects activities provides management with timely and relevant information for quick and remedial actions. It facilitates better means for learning from past experiences, improving services delivery, planning and allocating resources, and demonstrating results as part of accountability to key stakeholders. Within the organization there is a strong focus on results – that helps explain the growing interest in Monitoring and Evaluation. Depending upon the nature of the projects, M&E department also submits daily, weekly and monthly monitoring reports highlighting issues/challenges along with recommendations to the concerned project managers and Program Manager for their actions.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) including Newly Merged Areas and Baluchistan & Sindh Provinces.

HEADS has financial policy manual to provide efficient administration and utilization of HEADS resources and efficient control over the disbursement of HEADS funds.  Presently HEADS relies on donors funding but plans for resource centers, trainings and consultancies to ensure the sustainability of organization.

HEADS financial management involves the following cycle:

    HEADS compiling and analyzing the organization’s long and short term financial strategy. Also creates the organization’s extended financial plan, generate management reports, analyze financial trends, calculate the monetary effects. HEADS prepares project budgets and approves by the donor, forecasting how much expect to spend on the project activities in order to implement the project interventions in a transparent manner.
    HEADS assures proper controls in place to insure transparency and avoid misuse of money.
    HEADS controls that are often used include:
  • Keeping cash in a safe place (ideally in a bank account).
  • Making sure that all expenditure is properly authorized.
  • Following the budget.
  • Monthly monitoring the expenditure and its use.
  • Employing qualified finance staff.
  • Having an audit every year.

Carrying out a bank reconciliation every month that is to tally the amount available in bank with the cashbook.

    HEADS manage its fixed assets, suppliers and bank accounts simply, consistently and cost effectively and with accordance to the operational policy and system.
    HEADS manages the financial transactions with the standard processes following the organizational operational procedures with the mentioned steps:
  • Setup of basic vendor or employee information in Quick book and verification (review) of the data’s accuracy.
  • Review and approval of a transaction. This is occur at more than one stage of a financial process.
  • Verification of payment being made or of goods or services being received.
  • Verification of transactions appearing in a ledger, sub ledger, and other report, such as an editor exception report.
  • Balance comparison between ledger and an independent data source.
  • Review of ratios, trends, or year-to-year comparisons to identify potential errors.

HEADS finance section are regularly writing and reviewing financial reports. The financial report summarizes the receiving and expenditure over a certain period of time. Organization financial year is from 1st July-01 to 30th June of every year.